Thursday, October 24, 2013

Warm Breakfast

I guess it is the Mom in me.  I just feel better when my family has a nice warm meal.  Especially when it is cold outside.  And my chickens are "like" family to me.  :)  So it makes sense that I would feel better when they have a warm meal on a cold morning.  

This morning didn't seem nearly as cold as yesterday.  But after reading a post from Penland's Peeps on Facebook about how they give their poultry a warm breakfast I thought I had to try it for our little flock.  They LOVED it!

I put a dish out in the run area with some of our chicken feed mix (I still haven't shared the recipe we are using.  I will do that soon) and then I added about the same amount of hot water.  Of course it cools down quickly by the time I get it to the run and pour it over the food.  So it is just warm by the time the chickens get it.  Note to self....mix half as much next time.  I think the girls will continue to work on it for awhile this morning, but I mixed entirely too much for the 7 girls we currently have.

Over and over again I saw them picking at each others beaks to help clean off the extra food.  Not in an aggressive manner, but very gently.  Chickens are so interesting.
Gwhen and Oprah Orpington help Hazel clean her beak a bit.  

Gwhen and Layla seem less than pleased that the Herb Planter has been moved out of the run.  Sorry girls, it just looked so picked over and scraggly.  I thought you were done with it.  :) 

I know lots of you give warm oatmeal to your chickens on cold mornings.  And I may add some oats to their next warm breakfast.  I would love to hear about the foods you give your chickens on cold mornings.


  1. I do the same thing as you did - hot water mixed in with their feed. I've also done oatmeal and scrambled eggs (which I usually mix some rolled oats into after it's done cooking). I also have mixed yogurt into their feed and then microwaved it for a few seconds. Mine have been getting a warm breakfast most of the fall. They LOVE it!!!

    1. Jennifer, I haven't ever given my girls yogurt, but I want to give it a try and see what they think. I haven't given them scrambled eggs yet either. I did do oatmeal and raisins with a little wheat germ late last week. So far this week it has been warmer in the mornings so I haven't given them the warm treat.

  2. This is fabulous...anxiously awaiting your feed recipe.