Saturday, January 4, 2014

I don't wanna grow up!

Every night when I go out to tuck the girls in one thing is ALWAYS the same. 

Gwhen is always looking for someone that she can snuggle under.
It is almost as if she just doesn't want to grow up.  Tonight she was trying hard to convince Sophia to be her Mommy.  :)  It isn't even terribly cold tonight.  I wonder who she will try to huddle under tomorrow night?

Also notice the difference in the combs on these two girls.  Sophia is our one Easter Egger that is currently laying.  You can easily see that her comb is nice and red and stands up quite a bit higher on her head that Gwhen's.  

The gift of a dozen eggs

Today was a very special day for me. 

I got to give away our first dozen eggs! be totally accurate I gave our first dozen eggs to our oldest daughter.  So this egg gift was the first given to someone other than family.

We have some very special neighbors across the street.  We have been close to them since we moved to this neighborhood and we enjoy keeping a close eye on them and making sure they are safe and well.  My husband (and our other great neighbors) try to be sure that their driveway is always cleared when we get snow.  We call anytime we see strange vehicles or anything concerning.  But giving them this dozen eggs will always be one of my favorite moments.  They told me a few weeks ago that they love chickens and miss just watching chickens.  Of course I invited them to come over and enjoy our girls when it gets warmer.  When I handed them the dozen eggs today they looked at them with such love and appreciation.  Warren said, "You are spoiling us!  But I can't wait to have these!"  

My heart literally soared.  How wonderful to give some of our special eggs to people who don't view them as "ordinary" and "run of the mill".  I wish they could know how happy they made me when their eyes lit up.

Our weather is supposed to get very crazy and I know they will be staying inside alot over the next few days.  I hope they can enjoy a special meal or two during that time and that it brings them a few smiles.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Our first BLUE egg!

I had Easter Egger Chickens years ago when I had my first chicken house.  I loved them so much and couldn't imagine not having some in our new chicken house. 

If you are contemplating getting your first chickens or if you are thinking of adding a new breed to your hen house, I HIGHLY recommend this wonderful breed.  They are wonderful girls with tons of personality.  They are cold hardy because of their rose combs.  And they are very easy going and gentle.  If you enjoy naming your chickens this is a great breed because all of the chickens are just a little different in appearance.

So, you can imagine my joy in finding this beauty in the nest box today!
The photo doesn't come close to capturing the beautiful blue of this egg.  It is shown here with one of our Cuckoo Marans eggs.

Sophia's comb has sure changed in the last 7 - 10 days so I was trying to patiently wait for our first blue egg.  I just LOVE the beautiful eggs in my Grandma's bowl!