Meet Gilda-Orpington

Leg Band # - 93

Gilda is my 2nd Buff Orpington.  She is nearly as brave as her sister Oprah.  And she is always one of the first three hens to greet me and eat from my hands or lap.  Gilda gets her name because Gilda means "golden" and buff orptingtons are certainly a beautiful golden color.

Gilda has a lighter beak than Oprah and is easy to tell apart in that way.

Be sure to check back for future updates on Gilda and check the other pages for updates on our other girls.

September 12th, 2013 - Gilda arrived at Hummingbird Hollow Hen House.  She was ordered from Murray McMurray Hatchery as a started pullet.  She was between 15 and 20 weeks old when she arrived.

September 20th, 2013 - Oprah and Gilda jump up on my knees for mealworms.
October 17th, 2013 - 1st pumpkin experience.  And look how pretty Gilda is feathering out.

December 19, 2013 - Found a soft shell egg on the Poop Board this morning.  I am assuming that this is Gilda's first egg since it is pretty light in color and since I saw Oprah in the nest box later with her own egg.

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