Monday, October 14, 2013


My girls love TREATS!  And even though I try to keep the treats to a minimum so that they get lots of good vitamins and minerals in their food, I can't help but take them some treats now and then.

Last night my husband made me an AMAZING dinner of angel hair pasta with scallop and lobster wine sauce.  It was soooo very good.  When we were doing dishes my husband asked "do we save the pasta for the chickens?"  :)  I just have to smile.  Our girls have been here for exactly a month and obviously they have already won him over.  He has been known to take out an apple core for them.  I caught him on Saturday and Sunday catching grasshoppers and feeding them.  And now he thinks to save the pasta before it even occurs to me.  I can't tell you how happy that makes me!

So this afternoon I took them their spaghetti treat.  I love watching them grab noodles and run off with their "I got it" squawk.  

I have quickly learned that their favorite treats are tomatoes, grapes, pasta, bread, and tortillas. 

I have also quickly learned that Gwhen likes her moment in the spotlight.  
"Do I have something on my face?"  

I guess I should have taken a napkin or two with me.  :)

We are loving this cool weather.  I am hoping Fall sticks around a little while in Kansas before Winter arrives.  Our Cuckoo Marans pullets should arrive in a couple weeks and I hope they have a little nice weather to settle in. 

We got the pool closed yesterday and the hot tub cleaned.  Such a busy weekend!  Now rain has settled in over the chicken coop.  Gwhen is looking out from the area under the coop.  I love that they have a little space under the coop for some protection from the weather.

I hope you are enjoying the wonderful Fall weather in your area!
What treats do your chickens love?


  1. I give my chickens all kinds of "leftovers"...and I have to say, fruit and spaghetti are definitely their favorites. But, they don't like potatoes :-) Miss Gwhen is beautiful...

    1. Gwhen truly is a beauty and she is getting prettier and prettier by the day. She is a little bit of a camera hog though. :) She seems to be in every picture.