Monday, October 28, 2013

1st Dust Baths

Dust baths?  Really?
To get clean you roll in dirt?
Yes!  Well, if you are a chicken.

And watching chickens take a dust bath is one of my favorite chicken activities.  They kick and scratch and the dirt flies.  Today I got to watch a few of my chickens taking their first dust bath and of course I had to snap a few pictures.
Gilda was really into this dust bath.  She had her head turned and turned almost completely on her back to roll in the dirt.  Looks like Oprah Orpington would like to get in on this prime dust bath spot.

Look how much the girls have killed out the grass in the run area.  The grazing box is doing a nice job of protecting an area of grass for the girls to snack on.  That is Hazel on the grazing box.

All of this relaxing dust bathing was happening while I was inside the coop hard at work finally finishing the last of the painting.  Our new chickens are scheduled to arrive sometime this week and I really wanted to have all of the inside painting completed. took way longer to finish up the painting than I thought it would.  But I think it looks nice.

The nest box wall.

View from inside the coop looking toward the door and porch.

We didn't get the wood put up underneath the chicken house to give the girls some wind protection this Winter.  Maybe next weekend.  :) 

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