Thursday, October 17, 2013

Our first Fall!

I sometimes forget that our girls are only 20 or so weeks old.  There are things that they have never seen or experienced.  And that became so clear today when I took a piece of pumpkin out to them.

They looked at it like it was some alien life form.

 They stretched their necks out as far as possible in an effort to check it out.
 "Stop being such CHICKENS!!!" Ok, actually I want them to be more like chickens and start laying us some eggs.  :)
 And then they attacked!  It was a little like Chicken Week! (Our version of Shark Week) :)

 Just sharing this picture of Gilda to show how beautifully she has feathered out.  The girls have been on the new mix of feed for 5 days and I think I already see a difference in their feathers and their size.

 All at once the girls acted like they heard something and they scattered!  Poof!  It is a bit unsettling to be out with them and realize that they sense something that I can't see.  I still don't know what made them go into hiding, but I trust their instincts.
 And what do you do after a delicious snack?  Find your favorite napping spot of course!  The girls love being under the coop.
I walked back into the house after a fun visit with the girls and immediately panicked!  YIKES!!!!  I forgot that I had Banana Bread in the oven.  Thankfully the bread wasn't burned.  

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