Meet Layla-Easter Egger

Layla is our "dark headed" Easter Egger.  So her name (Laila) means dark or black beauty.

She seemed to keep her tail feathers in tact during the shipping but this picture shows that she has a nice bare spot on her back.  I think she probably had someone standing on her for most of her trip to Kansas.  :(  Thankfully she is starting to get some pin feathers growing in so should be all feathered out soon.

Layla is pretty shy like Daphne and Sophia.  Hopefully she will get accustomed to my visits and not be so flighty in the coming weeks.

Be sure to check back for future updates on Layla and check the other pages for updates on our other girls.

September 12th, 2013 - Layla arrived at Hummingbird Hollow Hen House.  She was ordered from Murray McMurray Hatchery as a started pullet.  She was between 15 and 20 weeks old when she arrived.

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