Thursday, October 10, 2013

Update on Daphne

We have had an amazingly beautiful weather week here in Kansas!  The mornings are cool and crisp and the afternoons have been warming up nicely.  I love Fall and so hope we can enjoy a month or so of nice Fall weather before Winter sets in.
Beautiful sunrise at Hummingbird Hollow Hen House.  The poor grass around the run is still recovering from the construction materials.

The Hummingbird Hollow girls are settling in nicely.  We have established a pretty nice daily schedule and the girls seem to be enjoying their home and surroundings.

Daphne also seems to be doing much better!  Thank goodness!!!  I have spent plenty of time worrying about her but her eye seems to be completely better.  We ended up just doing 3 nights in sick bay with antibiotic water.  I try very hard not to medicate the chickens, but after trying VetRX and rinsing the eye for about 4 days I didn't want to risk her getting any worse.  She is pretty shy around me because of all of the times I had to catch her to put her in sick bay or rinse out her eye.  But hopefully she will forgive me soon.  :)

Daphne on the left and our other "Red Head" Easter Egger Sophia.  It was Daphne's left eye that had been watery and that she had been holding closed.  I am still not exactly certain what caused the problem to begin with  although I still think she may have been pecked during shipping.

And one last picture to share with you.  The fog was so pretty!  This picture shows Oprah Orpington, Gilda, and Hazel.  The girls really rush right out to enjoy some grass first thing in the morning when I let them into the run.  I am so happy that my husband built a grazing box so they will continue to have some grass to munch on.  (more about the grazing box in an upcoming post)

I hope your week has been fantastic too!  High School Volleyball has come to an end so we have just a few weeks of rest before the Club Volleyball season kicks into gear with practices.  Hopefully in those few weeks I can make some curtains for the coop and nest boxes.  Always something to do!

I would love to hear from you.  What projects are you planning for your chickens?  I also think I will make some Peeps Pumpkin Pie for the girls.  I got a couple pumpkins and would love to freeze some treats for them to have this winter.  I think I will also make some Flock Block.  Both of these recipes are from the Chicken Chick.  Do you make treats for your flock?


  1. Glad Daphne is better! My winter project is to build a grazing frame for our run that I will install in the spring. What do you have planted in yours?

    1. Jennifer, right now mine just has regular grass that existed in that space before we added the run. And the girls LOVE it! My chickens have been in the run for just a little over a month and already the other run space is looking pretty ragged while the grazing box is still nice and green. :)