Friday, October 4, 2013

Morning Maid Service

Maybe I am a little OCD when it comes to cleaning the chicken coop.  Possibly the coop gets cleaned more often than the house does.  :)  I find that cleaning the coop in the morning is kind of therapeutic.  I just feel good doing it.  And I have done a ton of research to learn tips and tricks for making the daily cleaning easy to do. 

When I had my first coop 16 years ago, cleaning was my LEAST favorite part.  I hated it!  I procrastinated having to do it!  With just a few easy steps you can enjoy cleaning your coop too!

For me, sand is really the key to it all.  Each morning when I visit the coop I take a good look at all the girls to make sure they are all doing well and then I grab my trusty cat litter scoop and metal pie server and get to work.  I scoop the floor area to pick up any droppings and scoop the poop board.  All of the droppings are deposited in the poop bucket.  I use a little rake to sweep through the sand.  It is a little like having a sand zen garden.  :) 
Ok, I don't make fancy designs in the sand.  (Yet)

The clean coop

And a little peek at the cleaning supplies in my coop.

My husband made me a small shelf to hold my wipes, ACV, and a roll of paper towels.  I also have hooks for my duster, hand broom, litter scoop, and metal pie server.  On the wall I have a board to hold my small rake, my pitchfork, and my broom.  A little note here...the pitchfork and rake are always placed in the coop with the tines down.  Chickens can be clumsy and have a way of flying into things.  By keeping the tines down I reduce the risk of anyone getting injured.  I still have some painting to do as you can see.  :)  Any volunteers to come help?

Once a week I empty the poop bucket back in our tree line.  At some point I hope to have a composting area but for now this works fine.  Once a week I also use the duster to dust off the feed cans and surfaces in the chicken coop.  Coops have a way of being very dusty. 

I am also pretty meticulous about keeping the run clean.  I have another litter scoop and pie server by the run that I use to pick up droppings.  The pie server really is great for the run area where there is still some grass.

  I read a post yesterday where someone said that it is "wrong" to keep chickens if you have to keep them in a run.  :(  While I would LOVE to be able to let my small flock free range it just isn't possible where I live.  And I think my girls might disagree with the poster.  I work very hard to be sure that they have a wonderful safe home.  How do you feel about keeping chickens in a run?


  1. Love your Blog! Found you through The Chicken Chick! Sounds like we got started around the same time but we started with day old chicks in August so you are a bit ahead of us. Such fun!!! I'm blogging at if you want to come visit.

  2. Thanks for visiting Jennifer. It will be so fun to keep in touch with you since you started about the same time. I will definitely be coming by to visit your blog!