Monday, October 21, 2013

I could sit and watch for hours

There is something so entertaining about the chickens.  They have such personalities and they seem to always be doing something.  I really could sit and watch them for hours.  And shhhh....don't tell anyone...but I think my husband could sit and watch them for hours too.  He will never admit it.  :)  But we find ourselves out by the run just standing there and watching them.  I want a bench for the run so much!

On Sunday afternoon I decided to give the girls my herb planter.  We have had two nights with frost so it won't last much longer now that cold weather is getting here.  And to be honest my plan all along was to let them enjoy it.  They really seemed to enjoy getting in and around the planter.  They found lots of little treasures.

I love the look Oprah has.  (I think that is Oprah, at little hard to tell from that angle.)

There is something so beautiful and fluffy butts.  :)  And I love how Gwhen's tail feathers have formed.  So pretty.

Gilda (left) and Oprah (right) enjoyed watching the gulls flying around.  I could almost hear them wishing they could soar and fly like the gulls were.

After exploring the herb planter Oprah decided to do more exploring.  Not sure if she spotted a bug up in the run roof or not.  But something was sure interesting.

It is hard to even put into words how much I am enjoying these chickens.  I can't imagine how much more we will enjoy them when we start getting some eggs.  Oh!  And our 5 new girls should be arriving next week!  We are expecting 5 cuckoo marans pullets.  


  1. I'm right there with you! I have only recently fully embraced my Crazy Chicken Lady status and moved my lawn chair out to the run!

  2. Jennifer, I think we should both ask Santa for Crazy Chicken Lady t-shirts this year for Christmas. :)

  3. I love my chickens. I'm really bummed that mine have already stopped laying for the winter...even my black giants.

    1. awww :( Do you add artificial light to your coop during the winter? I always got some eggs during the Winter when I had my first chickens. I hope I get some eggs through the Winter.