Thursday, December 12, 2013

Our first EGG!!!!

I was beginning to think it was never going to happen.  Maybe it was just a myth.  I mean, I have had chickens before, years ago.  I vividly remember those chickens laying eggs.  :)  Is it possible that all 12 of the chickens I got were just the "non-egg laying" kind?  My husband even started to joke around that I had deceived him about the "delicious breakfasts" we would have and that in truth these chickens were only here to be my fun pets.

It really happened!  And it is hard to put into words the pure joy I felt in finding this tiny beauty in the nest box.
I am pretty sure this special gift was laid by Oprah Orpington.  Her comb and wattle are more red than Gilda's.  And I am so happy that our first egg is from this special girl.  She has been the "first" for many things in our new hen house including the first to eat treats out of my hand.

I always thought our first egg might come from one of the Orpingtons.  And I had a hunch that the far North nest box would be the "favorite" nest box.  I am just so happy that she used the nest box with our pretty Christmas nest box curtains and didn't hide this beauty under the coop.
The size of our first egg was a little surprising to me.  It is truly the size of a small bantam egg.  I guess it has been too many years ago that I got our first egg from our first set of chickens.  Such a cute little thing.  Of course I know that the eggs will get bigger as she lays more and I am happy that they gradually work up to full size eggs.

So Hummingbird Hollow is truly now a Hen House.

Thank you Oprah for this amazing gift.  My mind is racing with recipes I can make and things I can bake. 

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