Thursday, December 19, 2013

Interesting Egg Day

I am having so much fun going out to the hen house throughout the day to see if there are any new eggs.
This morning when I took breakfast out and went into the coop for the "Morning Maid Service" I was surprised to find this soft shell egg.
I brought it up to the house right away to show my husband.  Since he is a self professed "city boy" he hasn't ever seen anything like this before.  I found the egg on the poop board under the roost which is why you can see sand on it in the picture.  My guess is that this egg belongs to Gilda since I caught Oprah in the nest box later in the day with her own egg.  And the egg is light enough that I am assuming it doesn't belong to one of the Cuckoo Marans girls.  Gilda's comb and wattles have been getting redder and redder every day so I have been anticipating her first egg.  It is SO exciting to have a new layer!

What egg oddities have you found in your hen house?

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