Sunday, September 29, 2013

Some final touches

Happy Sunday friends!

It has been a busy week at Hummingbird Hollow.  I have been busy putting together our First Aid Kit.  I will show you more about our kit and what we have in it so far.  I imagine the items may change as I learn more about the things that we need to have for our girls.
  We have already had a patient in our sick bay.  :(  Our Easter Egger Daphne has continued to have trouble with her left eye.  I put her in the sick bay this morning with some antibiotic water.  She was VERY upset about being separated from the flock and I caved at about noon and released her.  I have been rinsing the eye in the morning and evening and have also been treating it with VetRX.  She seems fine other than a "sore" looking eye.  She is very active and always jumps right in for mealworms so I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will be ok.

On my way out to let the girls out into the run this morning I was greeted with this beautiful sight.

We are lucky enough to often see hot air balloons flying over.  This morning there were two beautiful balloons.  

My husband has been hard at work today building the "porch" for the hen house. 
He is calling this the "last thing left to do".  I hate to break to him that I really want to fence in the area under our poop board so that we have a space for a broody breaker or a new mom and chicks.  

It will be so great to have some steps to the hen house door.  Until now the chair you see in the picture has been my "stair".  I didn't expect anything as fancy as this nice little porch.  But it will be handy to be able to place the "poop bucket" on the porch outside of the coop.  It can be quite smelly to open it in the coop. *yuck* 

Ok, I better get back to spray painting the recycled plastic buckets that I am using for our first aid kit and poop bucket.  I just wanted to share how excited I am about my new porch and steps.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday!

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  1. Enjoying your new blog venture. Hope she's feeling better soon.