Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Making Flock Block Substitute

As I said in my post over the weekend, I am doing everything I can think of to get ready for Winter.  One of my Winter concerns is having nutritious treats for the girls.  It seems like we have lots of tomatoes and cucumbers and grapes during the Summer to give the girls but Winter will be a different story.

A few weeks ago I made the Peeps Pumpkin Pie recipe from The Chicken Chick.  Those are tucked safely away in the freezer for using this Winter.  Today I decided to make some Flock Block Substitute also from a recipe from The Chicken Chick.

One recipe made 4 pie tins of flock block.  They are still baking in the oven and smell FANTASTIC!

You can find the recipe that I used from The Chicken Chick at her blog here.
I made just a few changes...
1. I decided to bake mine in pie tins rather than 8 x 8 pans just because I had plenty of pie tins to bake 4 at once. 
2. I used 1 cup of Calf Manna rather than Omega Egg since that is what I have on hand.
3. I used 2 cups of water rather than 3 cups.  The humidity will affect this greatly so my advice is to add water slowly until you get the consistency that Kathy describes in her recipe.

Hopefully these flock blocks will not only be a wonderful healthy treat but will also be a bit of a boredom buster this Winter.  It will be nice to have treat options on hand for the days when the weather isn't so nice.

Do you make treats for your chickens?  I would love to hear about them.

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